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16 Feb 2016

Brisk Water – Landscape Design, by Shurlawn

Let Brisk Water Landscape Design bring your outdoor living spaces to life!

Brisk Water Landscaping Design by Shurlawn, Inc. is making its debut here in Omaha and the surrounding area this spring as the premier landscape designer in the area.  While Shurlawn, Inc. will continue to provide the best lawn care and maintenance around, Brisk Water is positioned to bring landscape design and installation to a whole new level.

Brisk Water Landscape Design, by Shurlawn Inc., will turn your outdoor areas into spaces that glorify nature’s beauty and make you want to spend your downtime soaking up the great outdoors right in your own backyard.

Featuring exquisite water features including waterfalls, ponds, streams and bubbling boulders, the landscaping experts at Brisk Water have the technical expertise and design experience to make the water feature of your dreams a reality. Nothing exudes serenity like a beautifully placed and perfectly executed water feature and Brisk Water Landscaping Design by Shurlawn, Inc. can make that a reality.

But Brisk Water’s expertise doesn’t stop at water features.  Rock features add to the natural beauty of any landscaping, no matter how you choose to use them.  From a formal rock garden, to the rugged natural beauty of mountain boulders, to a European style garden, you can create the outdoor space that’s perfect for you, with a little help from Brisk Water’s experienced design team.




But why stop there? We can design and install plantings that include perennials and annuals, bushes and trees, that will boost your home’s curb appeal, give you the feeling of a natural setting, enhance your yard’s privacy and provide shade or a wind break.

Brisk Water can also design and install quality paver patios, both simple and elaborate, to beautifully extend your outdoor living area. Our elegant outdoor kitchens can add to your outdoor entertaining and create an enjoyable place to grill almost year round. Perfectly designed fire pits will add lasting value to your home while they extend your outdoor entertaining season.  And structurally sound retaining walls, engineered to last, can add livable space to your yard or stop erosion on steep slopes.

Basically, we are your one-stop-shop for premium outdoor enhancements, because we have the teams in place with both design expertise and installation experience to make your home’s outdoor living areas beautiful, enjoyable and built with lasting quality.

To get a free quote for any project from Brisk Water Landscape Design call 402-572-0710 and talk with one of our landscape experts. We guarantee you’ll be thrilled from start to finish with the professionals at Brisk Water Landscape Design as they listen to your needs and create the outdoor living spaces of your dreams.



28 Aug 2015

Retaining Walls and Paver Patios


Add backyard living space with retaining walls and paver patios!

Looking to make your yard space more livable? Nothing does that more quickly than a beautiful paver or flagstone patio or a well-built retaining wall. Patios give you that extra room for outdoor entertaining and family get-togethers. Retaining walls turn often unusable space into areas you can inhabit, like a raised patio or a pool deck, or add garden space to a spot that was previously plagued with erosion.

Of course, when you add one of these projects to your home you want to be assured that the quality will be excellent. That’s why Shurlawn is pleased to offer you the services of our extremely conscientious 4 man patio/wall crew who have over 40 years of experience in creating outstanding and well-built paver/flagstone patios and sturdy retaining walls.

Our team will go the extra mile to provide you with the best retaining walls and patios that money can buy. At Shurlawn we choose our team members for their expertise – that’s why we are so sure you will be thrilled with your new patio or retaining wall – guaranteed.

So now’s the time to get that paver or flagstone patio you’ve always wanted. Simply tap into the design experts at Shurlawn and they’ll be happy to help you create a custom look you’ll love for your outdoor living area.

Then watch the experts craft the patio of your dreams. You’re going to love the expanded living area and the increased home value a paver or flagstone patio will bring. You’ll also love having it designed and completed for you by the experts at Shurlawn.




If your lawn includes steep areas that don’t add any enjoyment to your yard, or areas that seem to be washing away with each dramatic rainstorm, then it’s time to see what a retaining wall, built by Shurlawn, can do for you.

Retaining walls generally serve two purposes, they make steep areas available for use or they keep an area from eroding away with each rain. Either way, you want an expert working on this structure. It is vital that it be well built since it will be holding back literally tons of dirt.

Shurlawn’s retaining wall team has over 40 years of experience building sturdy, long-lasting retaining walls. And that’s what you want – expertise. So if your lawn is steep and has unusable areas, talk to Shurlawn’s design pros today. They will have ideas that will fit your yard style, technical challenges and budget.

Of course, a beautifully constructed retaining wall will help add property value as well. So don’t mess around with unskilled labor. Let Shurlawn’s expert team build you a beautiful retaining wall that will last and last.

Like the idea of spiffing up your outdoor space, but sure where to start? Check out our design gallery at for some of our latest creations. Then, make your outdoor living dreams a reality, with Shurlawn.