Lawn Care and Landscaping Specialists
7am - 7pm

Professional landscaping services to welcome the world to your home from the curb!

Let Shurlawn be your trusted landscaper in the Omaha, NE area. Whether you need just a few bushes and a tree, or are looking for landscaping ideas for your entire yard, Shurlawn has the expertise to create a landscape design that will complement your house and make you happy. Beginning with the design, we will put together a comprehensive plan for your approval.  Once the design is final, we will prep the areas, put in the plantings and provide comprehensive clean-up from the landscape project. If you want that pop of color that annuals bring to your home, we can design in areas for these plantings and handle the yearly installation of these beautiful plants as well. We even offer an upkeep program that will keep your landscaping perfect for years to come.

If you already have established plantings around your home, we are available to remulch your plantings as needed. We also offer a mosquito control program that will help you get out and enjoy the beauty your yard has to offer.

Let Shurlawn tackle your next landscaping project:

  • Landscaping design – add curb appeal and value with professional landscape design plans
  • Installation & upkeep – watch our professional installers create the perfect look and keep it perfect too with upkeep services
  • Annual flowers – add that perfect splash of color each year with annual flower plantings
  • Mulch – create a new look or refresh existing plantings with carefully installed mulch
  • Mosquito control – enjoy your outdoor living areas more with fewer mosquitos in the area