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Strength and beauty built in the professionally engineered retaining walls in Omaha, NE.

Retaining walls are usually built to solve a slope problem in a yard.  Well-designed retaining walls can hold back literally tons of soil that would otherwise wash away, solve mowing problems on steeply sloping lawns, and add usable yard space that your family can enjoy. The fact that the design pros at Shurlawn can make them beautiful is a great plus for this versatile problem solver.

There’s a retaining wall style to complement every home and landscape style. Choose contemporary retaining wall blocks in a variety of styles and colors for a fresh and finished look. If you like a more natural look for your landscaping design choose from several styles of river rock or natural stone retaining walls. These classic styles work beautifully with our waterfall and river water features.

Choose the perfect retaining wall style for your home.

  • Expert design – engineered to solve your landscaping problems
  • Professional installation – meticulously constructed for years of sturdy service
  • Retaining wall blocks – choose from a variety of style and colors
  • River rock retaining walls – beautiful, durable and perfect with a river style water feature
  • Natural stone retaining walls – create the feel of a completely natural environment